One Size Does Not Fit All.


We approach inclusion and diversity management through a  multidisciplinary lens that includes research and methods from sociology, psychology, neuroscience, political science, organizational behavior, education, economics, and other disciplines.

By embedding inclusion into processes, policies, and culture, we help build a workspace that leverages human differences, works to increase organizational efficiencies and effectiveness and ensures employees feel valued, respected, and connected to your organization and its business objectives.


The journey starts with diagnostic and benchmark assessments designed to identify unique strengths and opportunities.  We use quantitative data to pinpoint where barriers exist, conduct qualitative research to understand why they exist, and then create a tailored strategy to nurture a culture of inclusion that promotes and sustains diversity and equity


Unconscious bias is a significant barrier not only to diversity and inclusion, but to effective decision-making, team collaboration, and management.  Our customized program facilitates awareness and fosters an organizational culture that assumes and accepts bias is inherent in human decision-making. We create effective team-based practices to identify biases as they emerge, and counteract them on the fly, thus mitigating their impact.


True inclusivity demands an ongoing focus on the intrinsic value of a human-centric workplace and an action plan for creating a culture of belonging.  Shaped by the feedback and data we retrieve during diagnostics, our inclusion prescription will provide specific strategies employees can use to cultivate a sense of belonging and equip managers and leaders with the knowledge and skills to build inclusive high-performing teams.